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On the Fence

Every four years I asked Nan, “Who’d you vote for?”

Every four years she said, “Your grandfather.”

“But he wasn’t running.”

“I wrote him in.”

She didn’t write Pop in. I knew that, and she knew I knew that.

To her, voting was private. As far as I know, Nan and Pop never talked politics. Oh, they both watched the 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock news. They read the paper every day. Pop rubbed elbows with the local politicos. Nan volunteered with the election committee.

Politics (and religion and sex) were very important in our lives, but never discussed. At least not in front of the children.

I’ve voted for president every year that I was eligible. Unlike Nan, I’ll give a full confession.

No Democrats. Not a one. I don’t like their politics.

This year I have a problem, not only don’t I like the Democrat politics, I think I like Republican politics even less. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, who early in his political career left the Democratic Party:

I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me.

For the record, the above paraphrasing of Ronald Reagan is not unique to me, Christopher Buckley (William F. Buckley’s son) famously quoted it just before his father’s magazine fired him for writing just that thing in a post at The Daily Beast. So I’m in good company.

“So who are you voting for, Jim?” you might ask.

“My wife,” I might answer.

“But she’s not running.”

“I’ll write her in.”

But you know I’m not going to write her in. And I know you know.


If I could vote in your election, I’d vote for the guy least likely to die and leave the Presidency to his VP.

Posted by BWG on 23 October 2008 @ 5am

[...] who, likely against his will, is looking hard at Barack Obama, reminds me that Peggy Noonan wrote this assessment of the [...]

Posted by Noonan: Obama in Thought | Lycanthropia on 23 October 2008 @ 8am

I’m with you, Reid. The Republican Party has to do some soul searching, and the best way to do it is via your prescription: Send them off in the woods.

And as soon as I can sit down and really write something that lays out who I’m voting for and why, I’ll post it. But we all know where I’m going with this, don’t we?

Posted by Jim on 25 October 2008 @ 9pm

I’m with BWG. In addition, my theory is that the Republican Party will not be worth a darn if they are not sent off into the wilderness to “find themselves,” via a crushing top-to-bottom defeat.

IMHO, this year the best thing you can do for the Republican Party is to vote against them. Tough Love, but it is needed.

Posted by Reid on 26 October 2008 @ 6am

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