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A friend of mine is desperately trying to get the world to stop what it’s doing and dance. Even after my protests he demanded, as “an act of subversion“, that I dance.

He doesn’t understand that it’s going to take a wedding or some booze to get me to do anything more than dancing in the kitchen once the kids have gone to bed.

9 February 2009

I Don’t Dance

Even at the cheesiest of wedding receptions, I don’t dance. I don’t do the Chicken Dance. I don’t do the Hokey Pokey. I don’t get in that Rumba Line.

I tell my wife, “I don’t dance, but I’ll gladly hold you while you do.”

I request a couple of songs from the DJ. One he never has, “Walk Forever By My Side” by The Alarm (it was my wife and my wedding song); and the other he always does, “Sea of Love” by The Honey Drippers. These are our songs.

I hold my wife while she dances, and we fall back 20 years to when we first held each other as husband and wife.

A few years after my first dance with the Misses, we were at my company Christmas party. I was being my no-way-am-I-going-to-dance stick in the mud. My boss’s wife, Lynne, saw this and decided she was going to be the one to get me dancing.

Lynne samba’d up to me, grabbed me by the arm, and tried to pull me out of my seat. I got heavy.

“Lynne, I don’t dance until I have six more of these in me.” I held up my Budweiser.

Head down but smiling, Lynne floated away. I was free.

Five minutes later, she returned clutching six long-neck Budweiser bottles.  One by one, she put them in front of me. “I’ll see you on the dance floor in a half-hour, Sweetie.”

I don’t remember much after that. But I bet I danced with Lynne.

Everybody, DANCE!


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12 February 2009 @ 10pm

I’ll dance at a wedding, but not to any communally stupid songs as mentioned.

My father loved to dance, especially at weddings. That man could really cut a rug.

I called him “Twinkletoes” (after Twinkletoes Flintstone).

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