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*BEEP-BEEP-BEEP* The door open alarm. Unexpected, but it’s happened before. Air pressure has pushed open the not-quite-shut-tight side door before.

“Quick, Jim. Go look!” The Wife-beast was very concerned. Frightened? Maybe. We have three children sleeping upstairs.

“Shhh,” I say. Listening. Still thinking it’s the side door.

“Go look!”

I go to the side door. Closed and locked up as tight as ship’s hull. A chill went up my spine:

I was sitting near the front door; it’s not the front door. The side door is shut tight; it’s not the side door. Back door! We’ve had a problem with the alarm on the back door before must be a malfunction, right? No one is in my house.


The back door is a slider. It’s closed. Looks closed. It’s not. It’s open. Slightly. A quarter, maybe a half inch. Nausea.

Wet footprints from the dew of the grass on the back deck. A man’s. Not mine.

“Sandi. Call 911.”

There’s a set coming to the door and, thankfully, a set leaving. No one is in my home. Someone tried though. Got spooked by the *BEEP-BEEP-BEEP* of the alarm.

Within minutes, quicker maybe, there were two police cars in the driveway. And then another. Two more parked on the road.

“Did you step on the deck, Mr. McCormick? Did you touch the outside of the back door?”

No and no.

“We’re bringing in a dog to track the guy. And a crime scene tech to see if we can lift some prints.”

A detective came. “This is the fourth house in this neighborhood. A guy looks in a back door. Sees a purse, opens the door, grabs it and runs. Probably looking for some quick drug money.”

A similar thing happened a couple of months ago. Thirteen houses hit. They caught the guy. This is a new guy.

They didn’t catch him this time. “The dog lost the scent down by Clifton Avenue,” Officer Vince told us. “We’re going to step-up patrols around your house. I don’t think the guy will revisit your house again.”

The alarm company is here this morning. They’re putting in an additional keypad upstairs. That’ll let us turn the motion detectors on downstairs when we go upstairs for the night.

I’m sure we’ll sleep a little better.


Tanj said:

This is why I love Ranger.
Lab/Shepherd Mix.

BIG bark, yet afraid of the vaccum, but the bad guys do not know he is a baby.

He sneezes at us when he needs something. The family scrambles to make him happy.

Is it fresh water?
Is it out?
Does he want a hot dog?

Forget wires around windows/doors.
Get a dawg.

He'll let you know if something is up.

Posted on Jun 09, 2006 12:51 AM

Elizabeth said:

WOW.... Oh.... WOW...

I must say I got that *heart-where-your-stomach-is-supposed-to-be-stomach-where-your-throat-is-supposed-to-be* feeling while reading this... You wrote it just the way you felt it I would guess and it did translate as such...

Excuse me while I go and check every window and door in the house and check on my little one....

Posted on Jun 09, 2006 01:42 AM

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