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Dreamy Shrooms

In lieu of real content, today I bring you to photographs I took last year at my Dad’s house. It was a hot and humid morning and when I stepped outside with the camera, the lens fogged up. Instead of cursing and trying to clean it up, I used the moisture as a filter.

Here are a couple of the results:

Shroom I
Shroom I

Shroom II

Maybe I’ll write something worth reading when I get back from my orthopedic visit. Today I get to find out if I can wean myself off my AirCast and start physical therapy.

It’s been eight weeks and a day since I had surgery to repair/reconstruct my broken right ankle. Four weeks since I’ve been in the walking cast. Three weeks since I’ve actually been walking. One week since I’ve been cheating and walking occasionally without it. Shhhh … Don’t tell Dr. Tauro!


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