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Good Morning, Sam

Sam and Ralph

Regarding the previous entry: After reading yesterday’s post on the attempted burglary at my home, a Reader recommends that I get a dog to alert me when there is a presence around the house.

I have a dog. Albeit, he is small—but he does let me know when someone is in the yard, in the driveway, walking down the street, etc. That someone is occasionally a squirrel or a woodchuck. We praise him anyway. “Good dog! Good dog! Thank you for letting us know about the woodchuck. We have our eyes on him.”

My dog punches out at nine. “The rest of the night is yours,” he says to me before he lays down.

When the would-be thief opened my back door, dumb-ass was sleeping on the floor in front of me.

After all the hullabaloo I asked him why he didn’t run to the back door or bark or something.

He said, “Your watch, man.” And then scampered up the stairs into his crate.

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