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Men In Black

Every year at Thanksgiving time, the President of the United States pulls a turkey onto a podium and says he’s not going to eat it.

A couple of days ago, Nancy commented that President Bush needed to read from a prepared speech at the Annual Turkey Pardon. She mocks the man. He deserves mocking, as all such men do.

What Nancy doesn’t report is that there are actually two trained turkeys, not one. Yes, I said trained. And I said two. Weeks prior to the Annual Turkey Pardon, these two turkeys are repeatedly exposed and even fed by “men in dark suits” while camera flashes go off.

Your tax dollars at work.

Frankly, I’d rather see the thing freak out and maul a dark-suiter or two than pay … Scratch that … I’d rather pay to train the thing to maul men in dark suits.


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