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Not Buying a New Truck

Yesterday I looked into buying a 1999 Chevy S-10 four-wheel-drive pickup. The thing only had 22,000 miles on it and must’ve been owned by a little old man who only drove leaves to the landfill in the fall. My current knock-about, a 1997 Ford Ranger, has 105,000 miles under its hood and is looking a little peaked. I heard about the S-10 and went to have a look.

It was a nice truck. Four doors. Short bed. Automatic everything (my Ranger is manual everything). And the price was good. But we couldn’t come to terms with what my truck was worth (I don’t want to sell it privately), so the deal fell through.

All-in-all I spent two, maybe three hours, over two trips at the car dealer. Wasted time, right? I don’t think so.

You see, in those few hours, my one-year-old son saw some big balloons (hung from the showroom’s ceiling) and he LOVES balloons. He kept pointing and saying, “B-boon! B-boon!” He reached for them hopefully a few times, but could never touch them. Even so, he was very happy.

When we came back the second time, the Wife-Beast and I brought our eight-year-old boy. This was during the interminable paperwork through dancing with the manager phase and all the apologizing for taking so long from the salesman. But we didn’t care.

The wife-beast and I were enjoying some alone-time with the eight-year-old. It’s seldom just the three of us. I taught him some of the nuances to three-ball juggling (like a good eight-year-old, he had some balls in his pockets); we played endless games of hangman (including one game where the wife-beast didn’t miss a letter and I got one answer with only one letter on the board); and taught the young boy how to play the family version of 20 Questions.

All-in-all we had a lot of fun.

And we cleaned out the inside of my old pickup to boot!


Ray said:

See, now that we've got comments working, no one says boo.

I was looking at a truck too. One of Ciara's friends' dad has a Chevy 1500 that he's thinking of selling, and I like the look of it.

There won't be balloons, salesmen, or trade-ins.

I bet he won't decide to sell it, but I told him to make sure he calls me when he does.

Posted on Aug 02, 2005 10:17 PM

ruminator said:

Boo! :)

We won't be in the car market again for three or four years, at least. I like that.

The last experience wasn't too bad, though. We've learned a couple of things about buying cars over the last 30 years. But no one gets it perfect--except the dealership!

Posted on Aug 03, 2005 04:40 AM

Rebecca said:

Passing on the idea of multitasking to children: Priceless


Posted on Aug 04, 2005 02:29 PM

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