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The Panasonic FZ18


Let me show you something that surprised/amazed me:

Below is a photograph of my neighbor’s daughter as she poked her head in my back door.

The photo was taken with my brandy-new, two-day old Panasonic FZ18. The shot is straight out of the camera. All I did was resize it for the web and mildly sharpened it.

I had the camera on full automatic mode. What amazes me is that the thing recognized my subject as a face and, even with the intense backlighting, it exposed for her face perfectly … even at the expense of blowing out the rest of the photograph.

That is pretty awesome … but maybe I’m easily impressed.

(For the technical types out there, the camera’s software chose:

  1. a shutter speed of 1/60s,
  2. an aperture value of f3.6,
  3. ISO 400 and,
  4. an exposure value of 0.00.
  5. The flash did not fire.


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