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The Barnegat Bay at Night

Ocean County's rivers and streams deliver water to the great Atlantic by way of the Barnegat Bay.

The Barnegat is a shallow, lagoon-type estuary. Its waters spawn many fish. Its shores nest many birds. As a system, this estuary filters and cleans water before returning it to the ocean.

Its marshes protect many towns from floods. Its waters hold our boats in its many marinas and allow us untold hours of recreation. Many fishing, clamming and crabbing vessels call the Barnegat Bay home.

If you live in Ocean County, New Jersey, the Barnegat Bay is a large part of your life. You may not even realize it.

These photographs were taken on 31 March 2001 around 9PM. It was dark. I used no flash or filters. I didn't toy with the colors in PhotoShop.

All I did was leave the lens aperature open for a few seconds to let in as much light as I could. Some images are blurry because I didn't use a tripod.

Upon processing, I was amazed by the beautiful colors. I find these photos stunning. I hope you do to.

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bay_at_night04.jpg (57 KB) bay_at_night05.jpg (83 KB) bay_at_night06.jpg (82 KB)
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