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Another Difference Between Men and Women

Scene: Evening. Wife-beast in one leather recliner on laptop; your host in the other recliner completing a phone conversation with Unky Rich.

Me (talking into phone): Okay, good night. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. (Hangs up phone.)

Wife-beast (nonchalant):
Who’s Chris?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You told Rich that you can’t believe that Chris made fun of how much you weigh. Who is she?

Me (confused):
I don’t know any Chris.

Apparently you do. You were talking to Rich about her.

Me (still confused):
Take me back in the conversation a little bit. In what context did I talk about Chris?

Don’t act dumb. You were talking about a Chris, one you and Rich apparently know very well, and how she was teasing you.

Me (the “Aha!” moment):
Chris is Rich’s brother! He’s a half-a-foot taller than I am and I almost weigh the same as him. He laughed at me. There’s no girl Chris.

Wife-beast (returns to typing away):

Are you embarrassed? Ashamed?



Reid said:

Sounds like she was just having one of those dog/fire-hydrant moments of marking terrority.

You can guess which role you played.

Posted on Jan 30, 2006 05:24 PM

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