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Hamland Security

Reid has written a bit exposing the preposterousness of a particular (and pecular) Homeland Security venture near his home—it was mentioned in at least two Atlanta websites. In a nutshell, a Homeland Security agent was assigned to a small time demonstration of people who don’t eat meat protesting a place that sells ham.

I suggest you go read the piece.

What Reid doesn’t put together is the absurdity of a portion of the newspaper article he quotes. Paraphrasing: One of the ham protestors noticed that someone (the Homeland Security nitwit) was taking long range photographs of the group. She did what any good citizen would do during an ELEVATED Homeland Security threat level; she took down his license plate information in order to report the unusual behavior to the authorities.

She was arrested by this idiot for doing so.

Let me state plainly my concerns:

One, the idiot got caught spying. If it weren’t ham protestors that he was spying on, but al Qaeda operatives they would not have done anything remotely terroristic. The guy should be fired—but then again maybe he’s the bumbling moron of the squad and, hence, was assigned ham protest duty so that he wouldn’t fuck up something important.

Two, a woman got arrested by Homeland Security for doing what Homeland Security recommends that we do! According to the Department of Homeland Security, we citizens should “Provide Tips and Leads about Suspicious Activity.”

There is very little more suspicious (and silly) than a man skulking around and taking photographs of ham protestors.

But I may be wrong. Zack points out in Reid’s comments that Islamist fundamentalists don’t like ham and would likely protest ham, too. Perhaps they were Islamofascists. Hmmm …


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